Teacher Threatens to Kill Student “Mi wi Murda yo” – Watch Video

January 26, 2023

“Mi wi murda yo… look pan mi good…” He continued, “you a easiest thing fi dead!” These were the words issued to a male student by a teacher in a recently surfaced video. Classrooms were once known for being a safe haven where children could escape the violence of their homes and communities in an attempt to get an education, but based on this video, it seems this has changed.

The school where this frightening video was shot is yet to be identified, but from the fragments of the clip that could be seen, it appears to be a secondary school in Jamaica.


The video begins with the teacher performing an aggravated press towards the student after uttering some words. The student runs away in an attempt to protect himself from the furious teacher, who is tearing away at chairs and desks to reach the boy. The student finally manages to make his way outside the classroom, fleeing into the schoolyard, where the teacher gives up his chase.

Also in the video, the teacher is heard admitting to a student, presumed to be the same one he chased, that he has committed murder before and that he is willing to do it again. The teacher seems frustrated with the student’s behaviour and expresses it by stating that he despises the male gender, so he would have no qualms about ending the student’s life.

One comment under the video that was posted explained that the classroom is a rigorous place to be and it is not a place for the easily angered, so maybe this man needs to find a different line of work.

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Watch the viral video below:



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