Child Shot With Police’s License Firearm

July 8, 2020 4:44 PM

Shocking news surfaced as a young boy, 9 years old of Kingston 11, was shot by a licensed firearm that belongs to an officer of the law. According to the news on July 4th, the juvenile gained access to the gun which belonged to his uncle who is a police officer.

The matter is currently being investigated by INDECOM (The independent Commission of investigations) and was reported on the 5th of July to the oversight body.


The Assistant Commissioner of the investigations group spoke to the News talk radio station on the issue stating that the matter is still being investigated as full facts concerning the incident have not yet been established.

Being that the situation was reported a day late the Assistant commissioner urged that reports must be made by the security forces where injury of others or death occurred because of conduct.

The investigations group also mentioned that where the safekeeping and handling of the service weapon are concerned those issues are still under inquiry to establish that the proper protocols were taken to conceal the gun since a child was shot and injured.

Indecom is also requesting any possible witness to step forward in helping them with information on the issue.

The child has been hospitalized.



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