2 Chinese Men Preparing Dog For Eating in Jamaica; Viewers Disgusted – Watch Video

A video circulating on social media depicting two Chinese men cleaning the carcass of a dead dog, leading to allegations that they were preparing it for consumption, has ignited a heated debate over cultural practices and animal treatment.

The video’s narrator/videographer made claims about his friends engaging in dog consumption in Jamaica, raising concerns and outrage among viewers.

The video shows one man washing the skinned and gutted dog with water while the other cleans the intestines in a bucket. The presence of a pan with animal organs further fuelled the controversy.

In the video, the phrase “This is how Chinese eat dog in Jamaica” was written and spoken, suggesting that the act represents the Chinese culinary preferences in the country.

See the video below:


The narrator approached one of the men and said, “gooda,” perhaps to ask if the dog meat was good. The man repeated “gooda”, albeit unclearly, implying some level of agreement with the narrator’s statements.

The man then warns Jamaicans to “lock up” their dogs because they might end up like the one in the video.

Viewers shared mixed views as the video gained traction on Instagram. Some expressed disgust and concern for animal welfare, criticizing the act as cruel and unacceptable.

See the comments below:

Chinese video comments


Others, however, took a more understanding stance, acknowledging that cultural practices can differ significantly from one country to another.

See more comments below:

Chinese comments

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