Thieves Disguised as Police Steal $10 million from Chinese Businessman in St. Andrew

A Chinese national was robbed of $10 million after thieves disguised as police trailed the man to his St. Andrew apartment on Wednesday.

According to reports from the Jamaica Star, the assailants, who were dressed in blue clothing and reflective vests, followed the businessman as he entered his apartment building in the Hopefield neighbourhood after 9:00 p.m.


The thieves convinced the man that they had to search his residence as they were conducting an investigation.

Head of the St. Andrew Central Police, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, disclosed that after the thieves gained entry into the apartment, they located the money and then left the premises with the businessman.

He was later freed, not very far away from his home.

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Nesbeth said there was no indication that the assailants were officers of the law and called the thieves brazen.

“It is alarming that these men are brazen enough and still not appropriately attired to give that one hundred percent semblance of police officers were able to carry through this robbery,” Nesbeth stated.

He concluded his statement by outlining that the robbers are not police officers.

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