Chris Brown Rape Accuser Messages Him About He Giving Her The Best “D” Ever

R&B singer Chris Brown was in January accused by a female to have allegedly drugged and raped her while on a Yacht that was parked at Diddy’s home, however, new details into the situation have revealed a twist that might put the female in a very compromising position.

According to, the Miami Police after investigating the matter found that the female had texted Brown several times after the alleged incident that was said to have taken place in December of 2021.


Included in the text messages sent to the singer are reported to be nude selfies along with texts telling Chris that he gave her the best “dick” she ever had.

The discovery also unveiled the fact that she was speaking the truth about Brown suggesting Plan B to her which she agreed to and that was seen in the messages by the Miami Police who investigated the matter and saw where the singer told her “I didn’t bust inside ya…just was hella faded so I wanted to be sure.”

It is then understood that the woman changed her phone number, and after not hearing from Brown for some time told him that she had moved to Los Angeles.

Based on what was seen in the messages it is said that the female made an effort to connect with Brown at least four other times and up to 9 months after the incident occurred, telling him how badly she wants “it”, and going on to ask why he is playing with her.

Afterwards, the woman is being accused of sending more nude pictures to the entertainer, while even telling him how high she is and going to ask if he has “E” which means ecstasy in the drug culture.

As a mode of action against Chris Brown the female who earlier this year made the allegations, filed a multi-million dollars lawsuit against him, stating that the situation with the singer had escalated from him being friendly to her to him then launching an outright attack.


According to Attorney at Law George Vrabeck representing ‘Breezy’, it is a plan of his to have the matter settled in a way where all parties involved will be held accountable for their actions whilst still hoping to get justice for his client.

Vrabeck also made it known that his effort on the case is a move to ensure that the terrifying situation of sexual assault decreases across the world.

Chris also took to social media and left the statement below.

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