Chrisean Rock Attacks 2 Women Attempting To Contact Blueface After She Announces She’s Pregnant With His Child – Watch Video

Monday, January 23, 2023, 6:46 AM GMT-5

In a recent roadside brawl, Chrisean Rock and Blueface seemed to be up to their usual drama. It has now become a common occurrence to see the two involved in fights, which may just be between them or involve other people.

In the video, Chrisean is seen outfitted in a pink tracksuit, which she wore to a medical facility earlier in the day, in a video that has also been making the rounds on social media in which she announces that she is pregnant with a baby Blueface.


According to TMZ, the video was shot early Saturday morning in Chatsworth, close to Blueface’s house. In a statement given by eyewitnesses, Chrisean reportedly took Blueface by surprise when she turned up at his house completely unannounced and tried to get him alone. Blueface was hosting a party to celebrate his 26th birthday, which was on Friday. The fight took place shortly after when Blueface allegedly tried to escape Chrisean by leaving in his car with a few people following him, but she was not having that, so she gave chase.

They did not get far when the situation exploded and a street brawl between Chrisean and two unidentified females began. In the video, Chrisean successfully manages to get Blueface alone to the left of a car, which is assumed to be hers. Eyewitnesses said that she was trying to convince the rapper to get into the vehicle so they could leave together. After Blueface frustratingly denied her request, she started to throw hands at two women who were there.

Onlookers say both Chrisean and Blueface left the scene in separate vehicles but could not confirm if they headed to the same place or went their separate ways. Although this type of behaviour has become the norm to see on social media when the two are around each other, it has raised quite a few eyebrows in light of Chrisean’s post about being pregnant, as it could both harm her and her unborn child.

Blueface denied being the father of Chrisean’s baby and also made it known that their relationship was over, but it seems Chrisean was not ready to call it quits just yet, in light of her recent pop-up on the rapper, which ultimately turned sour.

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Despite the recent drama the estranged couple seems to be back together after Chrisean posted the video below online of the two.

Watch the viral fight below:

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