Chrisean Rock Bursts Blueface’s Head with a Bottle; Wack 100 Says She is Bad for Business – Watch Videos

January 10, 2023 10:58 AM

Controversial reality TV star Chrisean Rock reportedly hit her boyfriend Blueface with a vodka bottle after he called her a b**ch, leaving the rapper with a large gash in his head.

As their new reality show Crazy in Love gives audiences a deeper look into their relationship, Chrisean and Blueface have become even more entangled in controversy. In an episode of their show, Blueface got into a physical altercation with Chrisean’s father outside the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore after an argument about Chrisean.


Newly released clips from the show’s new episode showed the aftermath of an argument that once again turned physical. 

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In the video, Chrisean can be seen putting on makeup while talking to herself in the mirror.

 “Hey queen, don’t let him call you a b**ch again. Bust that head open again,” Chrisean stated.

The video then cuts to Blueface talking to Chrisean while she is seated in a car. The rapper covers his wound with a napkin, later telling Chrisean that she wants to fight him over something she called him first. The couple eventually returns inside their house and argues about him calling her a b**ch, with Chrisean later cleaning the gash in Blueface’s head.



The video cuts to Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, speaking to the couple about their tumultuous relationship. According to Wack 100, Chrisean has been a distraction for the rapper, who he said has produced no hits since they became involved.

Later, speaking to Chrisean privately, Wack asks her to keep their personal relationship private and away from the cameras, as it has led to trouble in the business, with denials and cancellations piling up. But Chrisean tells him that their behaviour is not that bad and that all the negative press can be fixed.

Watch the videos below:




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