Blueface Knocks Out Girlfriend’s Father, She Defends His Actions

American rapper Blueface has fueled his anger towards someone else other than his girlfriend, ChriseanRock, they are both known for their violent fights in public throughout their relationship. He allegedly punched and knocked out her father at a family meet and greet.

Reports are that the incident occurred at a Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, MD. The couple were reportedly filming a new reality show on Zeus Network and met up with her family for an episode.


Caught in between her family and her boyfriend, Chrisean took to social media, defending Blueface’s actions and also accused her father of physically abusing her mother. She also stated that her father had it coming and that this should have happened a long time ago.

“That same Dad that got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mom up in da woods just to beat her cuz she scream so loud in the house wen he beated her infront of us so he went out his way to Damage my whole family that same dad I met wen I was 7,” the now deleted post by Chrisean said.

She then followed up in another post that said, “Somebody was supposed to knock tht nigga out a long time ago”.

Watch the aftermath of the incident below:

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