Surprise Christmas Eve Proposal Involving JCF Members – Watch Video

One man went to surprising lengths to make this Christmas Eve magical for his significant other when he enlisted the help of two JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) officers to create a dramatic skit as a part of his proposal to his girlfriend.

The video of the proposal is making rounds online and is garnering a lot of positive attention for its creativeness.


The setting for the Propoal was in a restaurant where the couple might have been having a dinner date as they were dressed in matching outfits, the man in pants and a red shirt, and his now fiancée in a red and white dress.

At first, the couple was seen standing with two JCF officers surrounding them, the officers were acting aggressively toward the woman’s partner.

The officers seemed to be accusing the man of something and one of them even pulled out a baton as the exchange was happening. The woman, unaware that it was planned, was defending her partner and questioning the police as it seemed like they were about to handcuff him.

Suddenly, the man goes down on one knee and a cheer erupts from the crowd. The woman, utterly shocked, stands still for a moment before smiling and walking away to put her bag on a nearby table and returning to her partner.

Watch the full video below:

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The comment section of the post was filled with congratulations for the newly engaged couple and praises for the unique way in which the proposal was done. One person stated, “🤣🤣this made my morning ❤️,” and another wrote, “🤣🤣this is so creative and dramatic love it.”

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