JCF Urging Jamaicans to Report Criminals for Quick Christmas Money

Thursday, December 14, 2023, 2:26 PM

Back at it again with another hilarious campaigning idea, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) once again used a relatable tactic to recruit the help of Jamaican citizens to catch criminals.

Throughout the year, they have created humorous wanted and Father’s Day posters promising cash in return for giving up criminals the public might know about.


As Christmas rolls around, with less than two weeks left before the big day, the JCF has created another comical poster with an innovative way for an informant to earn new furniture this Christmas season.

The poster was uploaded on X with the message, “Eleven days to Christmas and you need new furniture? Here is your opportunity. Report your neighbour who is involved in Criminal activities and collect your Christmas funds.”

The poster was decorated in a festive Christmas manner with a photo of the fictional character The Grinch, and a load of different presents displayed on what could be your new couch this year. The presents also include a box of Bridget Sandals that could be someone’s gift as well.

See the post below:

Additionally, the JCF listed 11 persons of interest as shown below:

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