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Thursday, October 26, 2023, 1:01 PM

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s social media pages never cease to amaze the public with their knack for fusing jokes with serious situations. The comical posts made by the police force oftentimes leave internet users questioning who is managing the social platforms, as the operator always uses humour and catchy trends to appeal to citizens to do the right thing.



Yesterday’s “Wanted Wednesday” was not spared the light-hearted humour that the JCF loves to incorporate into its posts, despite the fact that the posts were centred on wanted murders.

Catching eyes with a wanted poster about a man named Omoy Largie, also known as Not Nice, the JCF jokingly wrote, “Life too nice to be “Not Nice””. The jokes did not end there, as the JCF continued by saying, “Omoy we understand bus fare raise so send us your location, we’ll come get you. If anyone knows his location, please send us too.”

The amusing poster provided a picture of Largie and details on his usual hang-out spots, with a note that he was wanted for murder.


Another poster shared on X turned heads when the JCF urged wanted criminal Richardo ‘Ricki’ Pusey to turn himself in to get a warm meal and sleep comfortably in a dry spot.

“‘Rick’ it’s a rainy day, don’t you want a warm meal and somewhere dry to sleep. We know it’s not fun running in this weather. Just turn yourself in. If you know his whereabouts call @CSJAMAICA Immediately,” the post read.

A third poster of a wanted murderer named Keston Bertrand had internet users laughing. Bertrand, who goes by a number of aliases, such as ‘Cas, Trini, and Pablo, made the JCF’s Christmas wishlist.
“It’s not Christmas yet, but we know what we want, and ‘Pablo’ is number one on that list. Make our dreams come through by calling @CSJAMAICA at 311 and telling them all you know about Pablo,” the JCF said.


These posts attracted numerous laughing emojis with comments like, “JCF trolling crazy,” and “mi give [up] at this stage. Unno caan tame Smaddy link Ricki fi me deh, mek him know JCF a try page him.”

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