Chronic Law’s Email, IG and Youtube Page Hacked!

Reports are that couple pages of chronic law were hacked after an anonymous hacker found out the password to his email. After logging into Chronic Law’s email the hacker then went on to change the passwords to his social media pages including his IG and youtube accounts, the ones that he is most active on.

While the hacker did not seem to put up anything misleading, the hacker instead is deleting contents and asking for a reported $10,000 USD to return the accounts.

“Last night, mi forward in and realize say dem hack mi email, and ah say mi fi pay dem $10,000 US fi get it back and then now dem a remove mi video dem one by one from YouTube, dem all a send mi video as dem a delete it. De man dem a try mash up mi career,” a frustrated Chronic Law told Loop News reporter Claude Mills.

“Dem a remove the songs dem with the most views too, like Hilltop, Government and Circumstances from YouTube. Jah know,” he also told the reporter.

Bounty Killer, I-Waata, Renee 6:30, Shauna Chin all have been hacked this year and it’s becoming a trend of late.

Killer’s verified account which has over 400k followers is now selling shoes and renamed to “Enes Demir”. After finding out that he was hacked Bounty created a new IG account and posted the following ““DI BATTY B***H WITCH FISH DEM A TRY CULTIVATE MI WRATH😂😅🤣,”.

All of the Killer’s photos and written contents(identity) were removed by the hacker.

Notably, Dancer Renee six thirty’s page was hacked by Ivany however this time it would appear that Bounty’s account was hacked by someone overseas.

See the hacked page below


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