Chronixx Not Buying COVID-19 BS, Here’s Why

Friday, April 10, 2020, 9:53 AM

Top Jamaican reggae dancehall artiste Chronixx who is known to be very spiritual and talks his mind at times no matter who disagrees is putting it out into the work that the Coronavirus is not what they tell us on TV.

In an IG post ChronDadda wrote “Not buying the covid 19 bs. Nature is i protection and strong refuge. These tech heads and war heads can’t talk to rastaman about human health. Never! And they can’t destroy all of humanity. They can destroy some, but not all.”


Chronixx who has similar views to Sizzla also stated that persons should stop and look at what’s going on instead of still trying to entertain themself amidst the global crisis “Most these famous people online using the internet like its a play thing. We are in the advent of the greatest crimes against humanity and people out here trying to keep themselves entertained.”

Chronixx is not surprised at whats going on in the world presently, he stated “Im not surprised and I’m not here for the circus. Health time now! Land time now. Earth time.”

The rasta artiste who is clearly against the forthcoming vaccination said “I’m only going online for a concert if it’s an action against global vaccination.”

The Spanish Town native made it clear that he will be only performing for a cause and not to entertain “Fuck everything else 🌻 🌸 …nobody in our community and culture not taking no bs information and antics circulating on the internet. So let’s start the Gideon here and now. Save the comments. Not trying to debate with anyone”

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