Chuck Fender Breaks-Down Crying While talking about his Relationship with his Mother, talks New Music – Video

Reggae artiste Chuck Fender whose given name is Leshorn Whitehead never had a chance to grow up with his mother. For many years he wanted to see her after he was flown to Jamaica from New York at six weeks old by someone unknown to him, so he never had any real connection with the woman who brought him into this world.

He isernow a father to eleven children and he is trying to have a great relationship with them.


In a recent interview he spoke about his music and his efforts to mend his relationship with his mother.

Fenda said it is just the fittest of the fittest shall survive, and he is back to burn the fire now that the music is drifting and something has to be done about it.

He is putting out new music, “Eternal Fire” is a song for now because the music industry is not in a good place. The children are being murdered and the type of songs that the artistes are putting out are too violent.

Fender said “Eternal Fire” is about purification because Jamaica is in a bad state. He felt the need to protect the legacy that the founding fathers left for the coming generations.

Fans who heard the song started calling him from France, Germany, Sweden and other places, because they say they were waiting for music like this from Jamaica from a long time ago.

He also mentioned the hard times that his fellow artistes are facing in the music industry since the pandemic began.

Chuck Fender went to visit the monument for the children who lost their lives violently in Jamaica and he is saying he wants more to be done to protect the children. He doesn’t want things to continue in the same old way.

He is forgiving his mother for discarding him and not even trying to check on him for so long, and he would love to see her and hug her. He has never seen his father either.

Fender says a lot of mothers go through what his mother went through and a lot of children go through the life he went through as well.

His Mom sent him a long email trying to explain what caused her to give him to someone, so he had to live in Jamaica with his Grandparents.

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