Chuck Fenda Sets the Record Straight on His Relationship with Jada Kingdom and Performing at Sting 2023 for Free – Watch Interview

Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 5:59 PM GMT-5

Setting the record straight on his relationship with Jada Kingdom, reggae veteran Chuck Fenda discussed mentoring the artiste at a young age as well as his recent performance at Sting.

Known for songs such as Gash Dem and Light DemOh My Lord, and Coming Over, many would have expected Chuck Fenda to have been named one of the ten musical giants billed for Sting 2023. However, Chuck Fenda shared that he was originally excluded from Sting’s lineup.

Speaking on The Fix podcast, Chuck Fenda said that while he was initially dissatisfied with his exclusion, he eventually connected with Sting founder Isaiah Laing and agreed to do the show. Despite being allotted eight minutes for his performance and not getting paid, the artiste expressed that he felt a sense of obligation to perform for Jamaicans due to the state of society, he also stated that getting paid was not an issue.

Chuck Fenda went on to disclose the details of his wrongful arrest following accusations by his children’s mother that he had threatened her with a gun. Further speaking on his character being attacked by people, the I Swear singer clarified the origins of his relationship with Jada Kingdom. 

After the release of his love song Believe with Jada, rumours developed that Chuck Fenda may have been in an inappropriate romantic relationship with the then-16-year-old. The artiste, who has denied the allegations in the past, explained during his interview that he did not start working with her until talking to her mother and father.

Chuck Fenda shared that he saw her potential at a young age and began mentoring her. Despite Jada’s eagerness to pursue music, Chuck Fenda said he made sure he went through the proper channels before taking her to the studio with him.

He also highlighted that her mother trusted him enough to let Jada sleep over his house if they had been travelling for a show. Chuck Fenda went on to share his thoughts on the Execution singer’s career.

Sharing that he thinks Jada can be the best Jamaica has produced, Chuck Fenda expressed that he does not think she has reached her true potential. In addition to learning how to step back from the pressures of the industry, the entertainer said Jada also needs a good team behind her to help her succeed.

Watch the interview below.

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