Cindy Breakspear Responds to Backlash to Her “Beautiful” Relationship with Bob Marley in Surfaced Footage – Watch Video

Monday, February 12, 2024, 10:54 AM

Following Cindy Breakspear’s nostalgic reflection on Instagram on Bob Marley’s birthday, many Jamaican social media users dragged her online for publicly reminiscing about the Reggae legend when she was a ‘side chick’.

Her post about “the beautiful times” she shared with Bob also seemingly triggered responses from two of his children, Ziggy and Sharon Marley. The two praised Bob’s wife and their mother, Rita Marley, for being “one in a billion,” igniting more gossip.


Amid the backlash Cindy has been receiving, a reportedly new video of the former Miss World has surfaced.

The footage shows her apparently responding to the ongoing criticisms. In the video, Cindy can be seen sitting as she shares that she has no regrets about her past relationship with Bob Marley and their child, Damian Marley.

“How would I ever sit here and rather not have Damian in my life or not have the awesome relationship that I had with Bob? I mean, do people understand what a privilege it is to be intimately and inextricably associated with the greatest legacy that has come out of Jamaica in a hundred years?” she asked.

“Do they understand what that feels like? What kind of blessing that is? You can’t wish that away.”

Additionally, she indicated that naysayers would have to “figure it out” and added, “This long ago became your problem. It is no longer mine.”

Watch the video of Cindy Breakspear below:

The video, posted on TikTok on Sunday, has sparked more criticism from most viewers.

One viewer responded by saying, “She keeps tryna justify being a side btch 😭,” and another remarked, “Cindy was just sex. Rita was the backbone of building his legacy no matter what He did even after his death she continue build the legacy.”

On the other hand, one of the comments defending Cindy reads, “for Bob. At the end of the day, Bob chose to be with her and love her enough to write song for her and they share a very talented son together.”

Read more of the comments below:

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