Ziggy and Sharon Marley Praise Rita Marley On The Heels of Cindy Breakspear’s Post

Two of Bob Marley’s children sent praise to their mother, Rita Marley, for remarkably standing by Bob Marley’s side in sickness and health. These praises come days after Cindy Breakspear reminisced online about her relationship with Bob Marley.

In a heartfelt tribute to his mother’s unwavering commitment to her late husband, Ziggy Marley described Rita as “one in a billion.” He emphasised her love for his father through her action in enduring a bullet to the head and remaining by Bob Marley’s side, noting that his father cherished her for this.


The incident that Ziggy mentioned occurred in 1976, days before the Smile Jamaica Concert. It was reported that assailants targeted Bob Marley and shot his wife in the head, while Bob was shot in the arm. Despite their injuries, they still bravely took the stage at the concert.

Rita and Bob exchanged vows in 1966, and the Reggae legend passed away in 1981 at the age of 36 due to melanoma, a form of skin cancer. 

Rita is the mother of three of Bob Marley’s children: Cedella, David (also known as Ziggy), and Stephen. Additionally, she has three other children, Stephanie and Sharon, who were both adopted by Bob Marley, and Serita Stewart.

Sharon also took to Instagram to praise her mother as the “real QUEEN,” noting that no “woman can walk in” her mother’s shoes.

While their praise may be influenced by Bob Marley’s upcoming biopic, it could also be sparked by the memories Cindy Breakspeare shared on Bob Marley’s birthday. Cindy, the mother of Bob Marley’s son Damian Marley, previously revealed that she was initially unaware of his marriage to Rita until she became pregnant.

Both Ziggy and Sharon’s posts have attracted a lot of attention on Instagram, and some IG users are amused.

One IG user said, “He was living with his side chick around the time he died tho 😭.” Another person commented, “If you notice the Side one.. doesn’t want to be left out of history so every chance she gets ..She likes to remind society of her Side Role.. But the man had one Wife… & still in death.. Glad Rita kids them speaking up for her👏👏.”

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