Cindy Breakspear Speaks on Her Controversial Relationship with Bob Marley – Watch Full Interview

Monday, February 12, 2024, 8:25 PM GMT-5

As one of the persons who was fortunate to know Bob Marley before his death, Cindy Breakspear was privy to the artiste’s likes and dislikes and got to know the man beyond the music. In an interview, the former Miss Jamaica World discussed when she first heard of Bob Marley and their controversial relationship.

According to Breakspear, she first heard of Marley while with American music producer Danny Simms, who signed the Reggae singer to his first international publishing and recording contracts. Simms had told Breakspear that Marley would become a huge star one day.

Breakspear said she later got to know Marley better after moving to 56 Hope Road in Kingston. She also shared that Marley professed his love for her on many occasions, and she most enjoyed watching his growth as he built the lasting legacy that we now know.

In addition to his magnetic smile, Breakspear said that she found his fitness very attractive. Speaking on the controversy that surrounded their relationship, Breakspear said the taboo nature of their love affair made it very difficult for them to spend quiet time alone.

She recalled that on one occasion she was confronted publicly by a woman who questioned why Marley had chosen her out of all the pretty black girls that were available. Amid the public’s interest in their relationship, Breakspear said they were able to spend time together at his mother’s house.

According to Breakspear, she and his mother, Cedella Booker, got along very well. In regards to Marley’s wife, Rita, Breakspear said they also got along, specifically while Marley’s health deteriorated from cancer.

She shared that Rita was the one who invited her to stay at their apartment while he was ill in New York, and the pair would take shifts to take care of him. Later, after Marley’s health further failed, Breakspear said she travelled from Germany to visit him in Miami, where he died.

Breakspear expressed that she misses the singer the most while visiting his Kingston home, which is now the Bob Marley Museum.

Watch the interview below.

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