Climate Activist Glues Herself to Road With Cement – Watch Video

In a reported protest against climate change, a female activist glued herself to a road with cement.

In recent years, a number of activist groups have seemingly moved beyond placards and traditional roadblocks and have chosen to use their bodies as their preferred method of protest.


In a video circulating on social media, an unidentified woman can be seen sitting on the road with her hand heavily cemented down as an officer attempts to chisel her out of the material.

Many viewers criticised the woman’s actions and questioned if they would yield any changes.

“I’ve yet to see a single change these people have achieved. It’s almost like they are just doing it for nothing but attention,” one viewer said, while another argued that it might have been done out of desperation.

“Instead of condemning this type of behaviour, you could also ask yourself why someone would be willing to do something like this in the first place. Perhaps it’s an act of desperation because all the other ways of getting heard didn’t work,” the viewer stated.

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More radical forms of activism have become increasingly popular. In 2022, nearly seventy protesters reportedly fused themselves to the asphalt motorways in Germany, causing traffic jams. The protesters demanded a law against food waste and cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

Watch the video below.
Climate Activist Glues Herself to Road With Cement
Climate Activist Glues Herself to Road With Cement 2

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