CMR Does Damage Control, Shani Says, “Mi A Plan fi Kill Miself,” and Says It’s Not a Prank, Talks About The Affair, and Wally British – Listen Audios

Monday, March 20, 2023, 1:25 PM

CMR and Shani’s cheating drama has escalated to the point where CMR’s second attempt at damage control seemingly faltered on a live stream. He was completely shut down and labelled a liar as he stuck to his claims that the affair was a prank. The live stream, hosted by a female on TikTok, took place hours ago.

CMR joined the live to defend himself against a group of ladies who bashed him about having an affair. However, things got heated when he started to laugh it off. “Why unuh a beat mi? Unuh don’t have the facts, Unuh don’t have the information,” CMR said. He continued by saying that everything Shani said were “allegations” against him.


The women called him “wutliss,” “cayliss,” and “waste bwoy” while saying that he was not making any sense, leading him to leave the live stream.

Listen CMR below:

The question of whether the whole thing was a prank has been puzzling many viewers for the past couple of days, but now Shani is saying it was not a trick. After going live with CMR and saying it was a prank, she retracted her statement some hours ago, revealing how she met him, what they had, what happened with Wally British, and her current state.

According to Shani, CMR first contacted her after seeing a viral video of her crying. They got involved, but after some months, things got bad, and CMR called the police on her due to her threatening to take her life. “Him call di police pan mi because mi tell him seh mi depress, cause him know seh mi have really bad depression and mi very suicidal,” she explained. She said that the police came to the house where she was staying, and she spent one week at a hospital.

Shani added that when she returned to the house, she found her belongings outside, and she contacted CMR about being kicked out, but he told her that there was nothing he could do. Apparently, this led to her moving in with a friend of Wally British. As it related to Wally British, Shani accused her of telling many lies.

“Wally British go live and tell bare lie pan mi last night. Wally British don’t know mi. Di reason why Wally British know of me is because me call har phone because mi inna one situation weh him, CMR, mek mi inna.”

Listen to Shani below:

Shani confessed that she had feelings for CMR, but she believed that he plotted with Wally British to kick her out the second time, which led to her exposing the affair. After the affair was exposed, CMR reportedly contacted her, crying and begging her to say the whole thing was a prank, which she did because she cared for him.

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Listen Shani below:

Now that she was being attacked online for sleeping with a married man and the Carters were at the centre of a scandal, Shani said she was considering taking her life. “I feel horrible…mi honestly a plan fi kill miself….I’m a very suicidal person, and this is giving me all the reason fi go ahead and do wah mi been wah fi do,” she explained.

Watch the video of Shani below:

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