Wally British Explains What Happened Between CMR and Shani – Watch Videos

Social media personality Wally British has spoken up about CMR and Shani’s cheating drama after apparently being dragged into the mix by Shani. Wally British, a close friend of the Carters, took to social media to clarify misunderstandings regarding her affiliation with Shani and her knowledge of CMR’s infidelity.

Wally British, born Susan Williams, went on a live stream, sharing that Shani reached out to her as a homeless girl who needed help. She explained that, at the time, she was unaware of Shani’s involvement with CMR, and out of the kindness of her heart, she offered her assistance.


In recounting their initial encounter, Wally British shared that Shani arrived at her doorstep with suitcases, portraying herself as a helpless victim. Despite her friends’ cautionary advice to turn Shani away, Wally British’s compassion prompted her to arrange for Shani’s temporary lodging at a mutual friend’s residence.

Wally British stressed that it was only after trying to help the woman she learned that she had an affair with CMR. However, she did not disclose the cheating to Crissy because she did not want to ruin the empire Crissy and CMR built. “From weh me understand…CMR nuh wah fi see you again, so whatever done happen, happen already, mi cyah do nothing bout weh did gone, so a fix mi a try fi fix the situation fi dis girl gwan and gwan outta di picture,” Wally British explained.

“Have I ever entertained you trying to be with CMR?” she questioned, noting that she would shut down Shani’s conversations about missing CMR.

According to Wally British, Shani turned down multiple job offers because her sole intention was CMR and his money. Wally British also mentioned that this was not the first time Shani did something of this nature, but this time it became public because of CMR’s popularity.

Wally British said, “You targeted me from day one, a bare people wid name yuh target.”

“Yuh seh di man lef yuh some weh ova somebody yawd, a one a him breddin dem yawd right, you was there for a while according to what you seh. What was the importance fi come pan live and talk seh drugs and guns deh a di bwoy dem yawd?” Wally British inquired, adding that Shani did it with wicked intentions and for clout.

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“What is this girl looking to gain? Yuh nuh see a wickedness? Yuh nuh see seh dis yah woman yah definitely did wah fi tear dung di people dem relationship?” Wally British asked and added that CMR was also in the wrong.

Watch the videos of Wally British below:


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