Cold Hearted Rapist and Murderer Left a Grandmother Dead in St Thomas

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 10:03 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]”Mama! Mama! Then I realise a dead mi mada dead” these are the words of a traumatized daughter, Zerene Carr. Her mother Eugine James was found dead in Duckenfield, St. Thomas recently.

74 year old Eugine James a Shopkeeper lived alone and her body was found partially naked. It is believed that she was raped before her throat was cut. A man was picked up by the Police in the community on Sunday, and he remains in custody at this time. 

It is sad that there are wicked people who have no respect for life, living among us, who could kill an old lady and leave her relatives to go through so much grief. People in the community are now feeling that their lives are not safe, as they don’t know when someone might break down their door and kill them as well.

The 46 year old daughter had taken her mother to buy things at the market and other places, and then sent her home on a taxi. When she called her later in the day, to check up on her, she was just fine. She was picking up the last market bag to go inside. It is not known how the killer got into the old ladies house after she spoke to her daughter.

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