College’s Most Popular Sports Sections

Many young people like playing sports. Therefore, it is little wonder that an increasing amount of students tends to attend various sports sections. It is obvious that young people have a lot of energy, and they can release it in many different ways. The problem is that far not all of those ways are healthy. While some take up with the wrong guys and learn to release their energy by engaging in promiscuous sexual activity, drinking, and doing drugs, others decide to release excess energy through exercise and to have enough time for playing their favorite sports, they seek a coursework writing service, and rightly.

Truth be told, no one knows a better way to keep college students physically active than though playing sports. The latter gives them a great opportunity to unburden themselves, maintain their health, and learn leadership and teamwork.


All colleges offer expanded opportunities for their students to attend after-school sports sections in addition to their regular curriculum. Most educational institutions tailor their extracurricular sports activities in such a way so that every student can participate in them — not only athlete students that we got used to watching on TV. But what are the most popular sports with modern youth? Below, there are some of the most attended sports sections in colleges throughout the country:


Both male and female college students enjoy playing basketball and thus it comes as no surprise that basketball sections are the most popular ones with them. As kids grow older, they become more interested in playing competitive sports. However, before they start to compete at various tournaments, they are taught some basic skills in numerous leagues for development without any pressure resulting from competitions.


Many college students also like attending baseball sections in their spare time. While in school, pupils enjoy tee-ball, when they go to college, they start playing baseball where a ball is pitched mechanically. Although this sports activity is male-dominated, it remains one of the most played sports by American college students.

American football

This is another popular sport activity in the USA. Even though American football is not widely played in other parts of the globe, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian students play this game on occasion. Being evolved from rugby, this game gained huge popularity with college students mainly because all of them no matter their height and weight can enjoy it. Even though many parents are concerned about their kids’ safety, this game is believed to be the safest one as long as players wear helmets and pads.


As one of the fastest sport athletic games in the country, soccer just like basketball gained huge popularity with both male and female students. Since it is easy to play, more and more young people choose soccer sections beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, even if it seems like every girl and boy can start playing it immediately, this game still requires some advanced skills and techniques. 

Ice hockey

Like American football, ice hockey is one of the most popular sport games in the country, not to mention many schools and colleges. It is believed that this sport was first introduced on the Glacial lakes of Canada as far back as the 19th century. It is played on a hockey rink, where six players on each side work in a team to score a goal or, as they say, to put the “biscuit in the basket”. Ice hockey is one of the most beloved sports by college students, and rightly so. 


This sport game appeared as far back as the 15th century in the north of Great Britain, notably in Scotland. There may be either nine or eighteen holes coming with a “tee off” area. Students play this game using crooked sticks and trying to get a ball into a hole in the least number of tries. Many college students participate in golf extracurricular activities simply because their favorite Tiger Wood played this game. 

Except for the above-mentioned sections, there are also other options that college students can choose from, such as swimming, wrestling, bowling, to name but a few. In addition to traditional sports, college students can also participate in other activities, such as water polo, video games, and dodgeball. In some educational establishments, these sports are offered at different levels so that every boy and girl no matter their training level can choose something that matches their skills best.

Active sports are known to have lots of health benefits for youth. However, playing sports doesn’t only positively impact students’ health but also enhances their achievement, improve their social lives, and make them better prepared for the future. This all is on top of the enjoyment that college students experience engaging in different active sports, be it football, bowling, or anything else.

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