Combo Boss Releases New “Combo” Song Amidst Controversy

December 11, 2021

Shanice Wilson is otherwise known as “Combo Boss” and has been getting the spotlight shining on her since a video of her promoting a controversial party went viral, however, she has decided to use all the attention to kick off a fresh career as an artiste.

Wilson told the Jamaica Star about her current progress, she explains that it was a decision she took after she began to get all the attention, and linking up Dancehall artiste Maestro Don which in her opinion was the best decision to make since they are all from the Waterford community and the “Young Don” already has his name out in the industry.


According to “Combo Boss”, after linking up with Maestro Don and letting him know the situation, he picked her up and brought her to the studio and also encouraged her to do the song even though it was her first time doing music as an artiste. Wilson said upon reaching the studio, the “Young Don” wrote the song, which she thought sounded good, then proceeded to voice it afterwards.

Even though “Combo Boss” says music was never in her sphere of imagination before this week, people have been loving what they are hearing from her since she previewed the track on her Instagram page on Wednesday which she also said has opened doors for her making other entertainers also interested in working with her.

Wilson says where her current notoriety is concerned she is giving thanks and even though she has been trying since she was small and has faced a lot of fights in her life, she says she never gave up.

As it relates to the video that was released “Combo Boss” says she is giving thanks as it is a situation where someone released the footage to bring bad energy to her however things flipped for the good, and so she is grateful.

In Maestro Don’s opinion, the song is a good one and is also an opportunity for Wilson to make something of it since she already possesses the prerequisites such as the attitude to become an artiste.

Listen to the “Combo” song which was released hours ago below.



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