Commercial Bathroom Sinks and Counters

Saturday, August 7, 2021, 10:08 PM

Are you an owner of a restaurant, SPA salon, or business center who wants to assure the maximum comfort level for visitors? Then, you probably realize that the utmost comfort is possible only when there is an attentive approach to every detail. Thus, the planning of a commercial restroom is as important as other tasks of a business owner.

Fortunately, there is a chance to create a perfect restroom without spending a lot of time searching for ideal furniture and accessories. If you choose such respectable and trustworthy provider of commercial bathroom sinks and counters as Aquatica, you receive the possibility to get everything necessary in a very short time. With Aquatica, it is even possible to make an order online.


Aquatica Products for Commercial Restrooms

Aquatica is an American producer of high-class bathroom furniture and accessories. However, its collections are available for other countries as well. The Aquatica products are approachable for Canada, France, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.

The company manufactures products that could be appropriate for restrooms of different sizes and designs. Thus, if you want to purchase a commercial bathroom sink, you can choose the following features:

  • Product size (the minimum length is 20-29, the maximum is 50-59)
  • Installation type (wall-mounted, freestanding)
  • Shape (rectangular, unique)
  • Product material (AquateX, EcoMarmor, NeroX)
  • Sink color (black, white)
  • Surface finish (matte, high-gloss)

The price of commercial sinks from the Aquatica catalog varies from $500 to $4,000. Additionally, the choice of Aquatica is reasonable due to these advantages:

  • High-grade materials
  • Solid assemblage
  • The safe and fast delivery system
  • Constant client support service

The Aquatica team believes that a commercial restroom could be an attractive and stylish place. A cozy interior of the restroom complements the image of your business and even increases the loyalty of your customers.

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