Competition Geared Towards Attracting Diaspora to Reconnect

Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 10:29 AM

Jamaicans who live on the island and those who migrate are always proud of their beautiful country, as the food and the culture are unique and no matter where Jamaicans go they remain connected to their country in their minds.

This has caused a competition that was announced by Audrey Marks, the Jamaican Ambassador to the USA to be a huge success. The competition named “Jamaica Roots”, targeted Jamaicans who were born in the country and moved to the states and never returned after many years; or for persons who are US citizens who were born to Jamaican parents.


The Pilot program went on and there was a game with a lottery system. Persons could win one week free accommodation at a hotel and a relative was allowed to stay with them. They would get guided tours and an opportunity to meet with relatives, so they can learn about their family history and the community their relatives live in.

The Jamaican government is hoping the competition will help members in the Diaspora to start believing that it is good for them to invest their money in their country and help the economy to grow.

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