Concern about the age of Consent raised

Sunday, November 17, 2019, 11:17 AM

The recent discovery of the children who allegedly are getting married in Jamaica, has caused persons to begin talking about the lowering of the age of consent for consensual sex.

Georgia Rose says she is calling for the age of consent to be looked at again. She wants to know who the age of consent protecting? Is it the children or the men who can get away with and justify having sex with children, she is calling for the better protection of the nation’s children.


Rose who is a Clinical Psychologist, says the laws should be enacted to protect the children, as a child at the age of 16 cannot vote and they cannot take care of adult responsibilities.

Now that the question of child marriage has become a concern in Jamaica, 16-year-olds can only get married if their parents gave consent, according to the law.

Since the Quhal Yahweh church in Norwood, St. James is being investigated by the police last week. It is alleged that girls were getting married to the men in the church.

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