Connecticut Promoter Admits Hitting Skillibeng With A Champagne Bottle In The Face

Things are not looking good for Skillibeng, who is rumoured to have been assaulted in Connecticut when he was allegedly boxed and hit with a bottle by the promoter, who now steps forward admitting he had whapped the singer with a bottle.

Dancehall Mag released an article sharing an interview they had with well known Connecticut promoter Stepper, who gave full details of how he hit Skilli in the head with a champagne bottle and slapped his manager, Larry, across the face for taking his business for a “clown ting”.

According to Dancehall Mag, Stepper first felt disrespected when Skillibeng refused to come to Connecticut a day before the show to do a radio station interview to promote the ‘Skillibeng Live Whap Whap’ Dancehall event dated June 5.

On the day of the event, Stepper, who went into the tour bus to confront Skillibeng and his manager about the radio interview, said he got infuriated when the two men began pointing fingers at each other.

Stepper explained he asked Larry about the HOT 93.7 interview with DJ Craig G and Larry said he told Skillibeng, but Skillibeng denied hearing about it.

According to the promoter, who angrily asked the two men if they were on some “clown ting”, he then began to “deal with dem like a clown”.

Describing what happened, he claimed, “Mi give Skillibeng the champagne bottle inna him ears and mi slap Larry across him face too. Dem caan play with my money.”

He continued to say the singer did not put up a fight and he subsequently brought the entertainer on stage to perform, but he only performed for 15 minutes before he ran off into the crowd and left.

While he did not have an issue with the 15 minutes performance, which the crowd enjoyed, he believed the entertainer did not give the show his all, and that seemed to displease some party patrons who slashed the tyres on Skillibeng’s tour bus.

According to one of the rumours, Skillibeng and Larry were attacked by Yankees who slashed the tour bus tyres, which were shown in pictures released with the bus on a wrecker.

Stepper also stressed that his issue was more with the “principal of the ting” and not with the money as he and his company, S.M.B. Promotions LLC, went the extra mile to ensure the artiste got his work permit and paid additional expenses they hadn’t agreed on. 

However, as reported before in an article where Stepper initially denied assaulting the singer, he detailed paying $50,000 for Skillibeng to perform, as well as paying for a flight for him to do the “Whap Whap” remix with French Montana in New York, and also spending over $2000 to cover the singer and the manager’s accommodations in New York.

Stepper added, “I didn’t want it to come out say Skillibeng get beaten, is a man run go put that out.”

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