Contract Killer confesses that “Beachy Stout” ordered Wife’s Murder

The individuals involved in the murder of Portland businessman Everton “Beachy Stout” Mcdonald’s wife are being made to face the hands of justice as the contracted killer of the incident confessed in court.

46 years old fisherman, Denvalyn Minott, pleaded guilty for the murder of the businessman’s 31-year-old spouse.

fisherman, Denvalyn Minott

According to Minott, he was hired by Beachy Stout to do the killing for 3 million dollars but ended up subcontracting someone else to do the act.

He also said that “Stout” outlined specifically how the murder should be done.

In his confession, Denvalyn said that Mrs. McDonald picked him up on the night of July 20th after which they went to Port Antonio to pick up another man who the accused said was only known to him as “The yute”.

He went on to state that after the other man was picked up and they were traveling in the car he then asked for the car to be turned around at a three-way intersection.

According to Minott, Tonia Mcdonald followed the order however caught her fear as he exited the car.

Minott said the other man exited the car as well but went back in after which ” The yute” grabbed Mrs. McDonald from behind the driver’s seat, wrestling with her after which he ended her life with several stabs.


Devalyn said that he saw where “The yute” had some unknown liquid in a bottle after which the car caught fire.

He said he then left the crime scene and called Beachy Stout, who arrived on the scene and identified his wife’s body.

Minott was very sorrowful in his confession and was eventually slapped with a 19-year sentence, not being allowed parole until having served 10 years.


In a sad tone, he said to the court in tears “Miss Mack trust me too much. She believe in a me, a me mek she go up deh”.

Everton Mcdonald and another man by the name of Asher Barnes were also arrested concerning the murder and are to return to court tomorrow.


This is the second wife killed in the last 10 years for Portland Businessman Beachy Stout.

On the other hand, Beachy Stout’s son was arrested and charged for the killing of his wife in the USA. In a story of 2 Jamaicans doing well overseas. Andreen Mcdonald was a successful business woman and Manager while her Husband Mr. Mcdonald who’s Beachy’s son was a veteran in the US army.

Andreen’s body went missing for a while before the police could put all the evidence together connecting her husband to the crime.

Andreen Mcdonald and her now arrested husband


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