Coronavirus Confirmed in these Caribbean Islands

The First Cases of the Coronavirus Confirmed in St. Martin, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now in the Caribbean since three cases were confirmed in St. Barthelemy, St. Martin recently and also in the Dominican Republic.

The Institut Pasteur Laboratory of Guadeloupe conducted tests for the virus and the cases were confirmed. On Sunday more was said about the cases in a press release.


One of the persons who has the COVID-19 was confined at home in St. Barthelemy and his health doesn’t seem to be deteriorating. His parents are the other two infected persons and they are being closely monitored the AFP revealed. 

The infected persons were leaving from Princess Juliana international airport, which is located on the Dutch side of St. Martin it was found out that they presented symptoms of the Coronavirus.

They were visiting their son and they are now isolated in the Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital in French St. Martin where they are closely monitored.

The health of the three infected persons doesn’t seem to be deteriorating and authorities are not seriously concerned but there are 2 other persons who could be the next persons to be confirmed as their samples are currently being processed.

The Dominican Republic Confirms the First Case of the Coronavirus

The dreaded Coronavirus or COVID-19 was reported in the Dominican Republic on Sunday after Mexico reported 4 cases. Now that British cruise ship passengers who were trapped on a ship at sea were finally being allowed to go home.

The Public Health Minister Rafael Sanchez Cardenas reported that the infected person is a 62-year-old Italian man who got there on February 22 and had no symptoms. He is not showing signs of complications, but he is in isolation at a military hospital.

This was announced shortly after the cruise ship that was denied entry by the Dominican Republic because of concerns related to the virus. There were reports that a few of the passengers on board the vessel, who were showing symptoms that were consistent with the virus.

There are now many reported cases of COVID-19 in the Latin America region since the middle of last week.

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