Coronavirus found in the Semen of Male coronavirus Patients, Chinese researchers say

Saturday, May 9, 2020, 8:32 AM

As researchers continue to investigate the origin of the novel Coronavirus Covid19, researchers in China are reporting that there is a finding that the virus was present in the semen. This potentially raises the prospect that the virus could potentially be sexually transmitted.

The study did not reveal how much viral load was present in the sperm nor did it say definitively whether the virus can be transmitted through sexual activity. The study was conducted in China’s Shangqui Municipal Hospital.


Researchers indicated that this is the first research to detect the virus in the reproductive fluid. Medical experts say more study is needed to confirm whether or not safe-sex practice should be a part of the COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Medical experts are looking everywhere for the virus, they have reported that they are finding its footprint in different places in the body. Chinese researchers reported that semen from six out of every 38 coronavirus survivors has tested positive.

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