Covid-19 Compassionate Grant Distribution Set to Begin This Week

April 28, 2020 10:42 AM

The Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke addressed the nation on Friday, as he gave an update. He revealed that persons who made the application for support under the COVID-19 Compassionate and Supporting Employees with Transfer of Cash (SET Cash) grant programs should start receiving the funds by April 30. The application process started on April 9.  

Clarke reported that, “approximately 500,000 applications have been received, making the CARE program the largest and broadest social intervention program in Jamaica’s history.”  


The two grants are parts of the Government’s COVID-19 Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) program. They aim to provide temporary cash support to Jamaicans and businesses to soften the economic impact of COVID-19.  

He also said applicants will not be eligible for the Compassionate Grant if their Tax Registration Number (TRN) appears on any current payroll returns that is submitted to Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

This component of the CARE program is only for the people who are informally employed or unemployed.

The minister is also reminding SET Cash applicants to have their former employers upload a P45 form to the TAJ’s website, as soon as they can, as this is a part of the verification process.

Clarke asked the persons who choose to collect their grants at the remittance outlets that they are required to present a government-issued ID, whenever they go to receive the funds.


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