Covid 19(Coronavirus) Causing More Concern Across the World

Friday, February 21, 2020, 9:12 PM

There are lots of questions and concerns as 2 passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan died from the Coronavirus and across the globe, the number of confirmed cases are increasing.

In 7 weeks the Covid 19 virus has spread to more than 28 countries killing more than 2000 and infecting more than 75000 persons mainly in China.


A Korean woman who was called a super spreader infected dozens of persons in her own church and as a result, the Mayor of the city told the people to stay indoors.

There are 2 parts of South Korea that is being monitored at this time as there were 2 virus related deaths there and the number of infected persons spiked.

China remains at the epicentre of the virus as time passes, there seems to be a significant number of infected persons in other countries and the virus will continue to spread.

One person who recently contracted the virus said, “we can be exposing so many people to the virus not knowing we have it.”

Good news, 63 persons from the US who were under quarantine at Marine Corp Air Station in Miramar, San Diego are travelling by bus from the base and they are now free to go.

The passengers who were on the Diamond Princess came off the ship, but they can’t return to the US until 2 weeks have passed. There is an infected man who came off the ship and felt fine until he developed a very high fever. He is now being treated in a Bio Containment unit in Omaha.

There are confirmed cases in more than 30 countries now as the virus continues to spread.

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