Cow Kills Farmer in Hanover

Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 12:08 PM

A farmer lost his life in New Mills, Hanover recently, when he was attacked and killed by his Bull in a very bizarre way. The incident was reported to the Police and they reported that 59-year-old, Audley Walker who was also known as Maxwell, left his home after he heard that his bull was attacking people. 

While he tried to restrain the bull he was attacked by the animal not long after 7am, he was trampled by the animal’s hooves. 


Relatives said it was normal for the farmer to check on his animals early in the mornings but when they noticed that he didn’t return to attend church, they decided to search for him.

The relatives and friends who went to find Maxwell, were greeted by a bellowing sound coming from the angry bull, he was in a section of the field and when they got there, Walker’s body was found with what appears to be hoof prints all over it.

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