Crab Circle Whistle-blower Nadine’s Stall Vandalised as She Attempts to Return “Dem lick-off mi pipe” – Watch Videos

Saturday, January 27, 2024, 4:11 PM GMT-5

Ahead of her return to the controversial food spot in Kingston, Crab Circle whistle-blower Nadine Francis has shared that her stall was vandalised, with the culprits damaging newly installed fixtures.

Jamaica was turned upside down in October 2023 amid the circulation of Nadine’s video of vendor Alice Waugh cleansing herself of excrement at her Crab Circle stall at National Heroes Circle. The video led to the swift closure of the popular food spot.


Following the incident, Alice was barred from selling at Crab Circle, and the remaining vendors enrolled in a HEART/NSTA Trust certification programme before they were permitted to return. While her fellow vendors returned to Crab Circle in November, Nadine’s return was postponed as she was hesitant to go back to the location after releasing the video.

Nadine Francis serving a customer at Crab Circle

It appears the new year brought renewed courage for Nadine, with the veteran vendor recently beginning her preparations to return to Crab Circle. However, it appears that not everyone will be welcoming Nadine with open arms.

According to Nadine, after bringing her tables back to her area of the open, shared vending location, her sink was vandalised. New sinks were installed for each vendor before the food spot was reopened to ensure that proper hygiene practices were followed.

In a video shared on her TikTok account, Nadine showed the various sinks at the location and disclosed that hers was the only one that had been broken and the faucet removed. Prior to this incident, the vendor told the press last year that she was receiving threats for releasing the video.

Some viewers of the video offered their support and words of encouragement but cautioned her to be careful. On the other hand, some chastised her for videoing at the location again and expressed that she would suffer for what she did to Alice.

“Durty hart Nadine u aguh suffer fi wat u did to Alice n no amount obeah can’t mek u prosper,” one viewer stated.

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Nadine followed up with more videos about other issues, watch below:

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