Craig Butler Accuses Odile Richards of Attacking Him and Trying to Run Over Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards with His Car – Watch Interview

Friday, December 22, 2023, 4:21 PM

Following an interview with Odile Richards, the father of Dujuan ‘Whisper’ Richards, during which he expressed that the young footballer had been consistently disrespectful, Craig Butler has accused the elder Richards of attempting to run his son over with a car.

Dujuan signed with Chelsea F.C. earlier this year and went on to make his debut with the Jamaica Reggae Boyz shortly after. Undoubtedly one of the youngest and most promising Jamaican footballers, Dujuan was not only a standout at the Phoenix Academy but at Kingston College High School as well.


But the player’s ascension in football has been marred with repeated controversies surrounding his relationship with his father. 

In a recent interview, the elder Richards sought to clear his name of accusations that he had hindered his son’s plans to join Chelsea and said that he was excluded by Dujuan’s team. In addition to claims that Dujuan had consistently disrespected him, Richards expressed that he has wiped his hands clean of his son and is ready to focus on his other children, one of whom plans to become a footballer as well.

In the past, Dujuan’s agent, Craig Butler, has fuelled allegations that Richards tried to block his son from travelling to England and, during a new interview on CVM TV’s Football GPS, made even more astonishing accusations.

Along with working with Dujuan, Butler said he assisted Richards in paying his rent and arranged his coaching job at Papine High School, as the school had a contract with his Pheonix Academy. According to Butler, despite trying to help Richards, he began attacking them.

The Mona High head coach alleged that during their fallout, Richards became extremely violent. According to Butler, not only did Richards attacked at Jamaica College, but he attempted to run over Dujuan as well.

“He turned around, attacking us, drove a car onto the football field, trying to hit his son down, chased him around Stadium East. And all of this is witnessed by everybody,” Butler stated.

In addition to disclosing Richards’s reported violent tendencies, Butler also suggested that Dujuan’s father was influenced by greed. Butler seemingly alluded to Richards wanting Dujuan to play in Saudi Arabia because of what could be gained from the deal.

During an interview with SportsMax in March, Butler did not mention names but expressed that he had to fight for Dujuan not to be sent to play for Qatar and stay and join the Reggae Boyz.

Watch Butler’s latest interview below.

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