‘Whisper’ Richards’ Father Opens Up About Their Issues and Not Talking to Each Other, Says Dujaun has Been Nothing but “Disrespectful” – Watch Interview

Saturday, December 16, 2023, 3:42 PM GMT-5

Following Dujaun ‘Whisper’ Richards’ departure from Jamaica to join Chelsea in England, Odile Richards has shared his side of the story, dismissing accusations that he hindered his son’s departure and declaring that he has given up on the 18-year-old as he has been nothing but “disrespectful”.

After signing with Chelsea earlier this year, many questioned what was preventing Dujaun from joining his new club. During an interview, Dujaun’s agent, Graig Butler, suggested that the young footballer’s father was blocking him by not permitting him to travel but promised that Dujaun would be leaving for Chelsea in November.

“Come November Whisper gone, nothing can stop him again. Nobody can talk bout them nah give him permission fi travel. You can imagine that you a block you owna son,” Butler stated.

Giving his side of the story on Television Jamaica’s Centre Circle, Richards shared a message he reportedly sent to Butler, offering to assist Dujaun and provide him with the necessary paperwork to travel. Richards also suggested in the text that he and Butler have a face-to-face discussion about the teen’s future and said he had been trying to reach out to Butler and Dujaun’s mother for some time.

According to Richards, he was more than willing to sign Dujaun’s travel documents in the presence of an attorney. However, Richards said he was not included in travel arrangements for Dujaun to travel to England and Austria after his trials in the New Castle and did not hinder his departure for Chelsea.

Richards, who shared that he once had sleepless nights over his relationship with his son, said he has completely given up on him and will have nothing more to do with him going forward.

“I did my job. You are now an adult. You can go forth and do what you want to do. Go out deh guh face life on yuh own now. You know I have your younger brothers and sisters. I have a biochemical engineer, a lawyer, and another footballer son,” Richards stated.

Richards disclosed that he and Dujaun have not spoken since last year and alleged that the footballer has been disrespectful to him, as well as his family and friends. Richards went on to state that he will not refer to the Chelsea signee as his son, no matter his success on the field.

Watch the interview below.

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