Craig Butler Says Whisper’s Father Wanted to “Cash in” and Have Him Play for Qatar Instead of Jamaica – Watch Interview

Craig Butler remains resolute in his support of Dujuan Richards and continues to speak out against his father, Odile Richards, who allegedly tried to force Dujuan to play for Qatar instead of Jamaica’s national team.

Accusations from both Richards and Butler continue to circulate in the media, with Richards consistently pushing back at allegations that he has been a hindrance to his son’s emerging football career. Richards recently shared what he said is evidence that he has tried to support his son, however, Butler has disclosed reported proof of the contrary.


During an interview on Football GPS, Butler spoke about representatives of Qatar attempting to recruit Dujuan for the Arab nation’s national team.

According to Butler, Richards wanted to “cash in” on Dujuan and planned on sending the teen to Qatar. Butler said he became aware of the situation after Dujuan ran away from his father, as he intended to represent Jamaica and play professionally in Europe.

Unlike Dujuan’s father, his mother and Butler did not desire the young player to move to Qatar.

Butler explained that his patriotism could not allow him to watch Dujuan leave for Qatar, no matter the money, and fought to have the player added to the Reggae Boyz as he did with Leon Bailey.

“If I did not take the stand i took, there would be no Whisper, the second youngest player in the history of the Gold Cup scoring. There would be no Whisper going to Chelsea and making all of us proud,” Butler stated.

In addition to citing Dujuan’s successes, Butler also highlighted the positive effect of the teen remaining in Jamaica. He highlights that recruits from professional clubs have been eyeing young Jamaican footballers like Dujuan due to his and Bailey’s performances.


Further speaking on Qatar’s interest in Dujuan, Butler said he was contacted by recruits after Dujuan’s initial refusal and was offered a coaching position. The Phoenix Academy founder also shared screenshots that appeared to show a recruit offering to make an investment in the football academy to assist in his initiative.

Along with screenshots taken from reported texts with a recruit, Butler also shared an alleged recording of Richards and a representative of Qatar. Richards reportedly recorded the conversation himself to convince Dujuan’s mother to agree with his terms.

During the conversation, the recruit can be heard enthusiastically explaining the many lavish benefits both Whisper and members of his family can receive if he agrees.


Watch the interview below.

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