Craig Butler Shows Footage of ‘Whisper’ in Newcastle for his Upcoming Trial – Watch Video

After critics and doubters were saying that Dujuan Whisper Richards going to English Premier outfit Newcastle for a trial was a big hoax, manager Craig Butler took to social media to prove the critics wrong. Prominent names in the football circle were dismissing it as one of Craig Butler’s outlandish claims pointing to the fact that none of Newcastle’s recruitment chiefs confirmed the trial.

Taking to Instagram, the CEO of the Phoenix Academy shared the video footage of Whisper in Newcastle, directly responding to naysayers with a heartfelt caption.


“So many times have I shown kindness and worked hrd to advance JAMAICAS youth and so many times has my name been dragged through the mud by low life’s with one goal destroy Craig Butler at all costs. I am proud of my boys proud of my team and proud of my contacts and associates worldwide. Let’s go whisper show them all what you can do. And don’t listen to noise. They are meaningless- focus on your game your mom and your honour. Leon and kyle made the way for you. Phoenix soar John crows scavenge,” he wrote.

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It is very puzzling to the many fans of the head coach/agent as to why Craig has to prove himself again and again that he is a world-class scout in order to be taken seriously by the Jamaican football hierarchy. Since he has never been approached for National coaching or scouting positions seeing that he has an eye for finding outstanding talent.

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Despite the lack of support for the CEO, he continues to uncover exceptional talents through his Phoenix academy, with Whisper Richards being his latest protege who is taking the world by storm and is now in Newcastle for a trial.

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At the moment, the length of time Whisper will be staying at the English base football club is unknown. The details of his trial are unclear, as Craig has been reluctant to divulge details.

Check out the footage posted by Craig below:

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