Crawford Challenges The Government On Entertainment Sector Reopening

The Government of Jamaica is under scrutiny at this time by the Vice President of the People’s National Party, Damian Crawford who spoke at the People’s National Party Divisional Conference in St. Andrew, and has claimed that the poor will not benefit from the reopening of the entertainment sector.

The politician’s argument stemmed from the fact that the time frame of 5 am to 11 pm disallows the “small man”, from reaping any major benefits from events since party patrons are still required to reach home an hour before curfew time to not be prosecuted.


What Damion Crawford says he was pushing for was a reopening with a plan, and not for them to be moving like “is a cartoon country”.

In further making his point the PNP Vice President posed a sarcastic question asking what round-robin can make money between 8 pm and 10 pm, further ridiculing the reopening by stating that since the curfew is at 11 pm parties must be closed off at 10 pm.

He then drew on an important point to prove that the reopening does not make sense to the poor by explaining that ghetto parties earn their money through liquor and not by payment at the gate, further highlighting that a person cannot drink 3 Guinness between the hours of 8 pm and 10 pm.

Crawford also went on to make it clear that some people live their lives day to day, hustling to survive so those persons will not be able to get to parties early since they have to be on the streets making their living.

The very controversial politician also spoke out for the sound selectors, demanding that they need the same one hour window after the curfew, just like the taxi men to travel home after events since they might have been booked for one that is way out of their area.

These things pushed Crawford to conclude that the Government was not thinking about poor people and the selectors, in making their decision to reopen the entertainment sector.

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