Cricket-Flavoured: A German Business Owner Creates a New Ice Cream Flavour

Are you up for trying something new? When one hears about an out-of-the-ordinary ice cream flavour, their first thought for its place of origin may be China, due to the country’s diverse palate with flavours such as red bean, squid ink, and jackfruit, among others. With that being said, this new treat could not be claimed by the land of the dragon, as a German ice cream company is attempting to add to China’s list of unusual ice cream flavours. Bug-flavoured ice cream to be specific.

According to NYPost, in the southern city of Rottenburg, an ice cream parlour by the name of Eiscafe Rino is grabbing the attention of locals and Instagram users alike with their new “Cricket-Flavoured” ice cream.


The owner of the café and the creator of the ice cream, Thomas Micolin, referred to his new creation as a delicacy. Milcolin explained that he believes that crickets will become a normal food in the future, so his new treat is just a small message. He also explained that he was very open-minded about food, and he always wanted to be able to say that he had eaten crickets in ice cream before. In addition, he also stated that he has eaten a lot of strange things.

He did not neglect to mention, however, that he has been overwhelmed with conflicting opinions about his new treat, with some giving good and bad comments about the ice cream. Despite the criticism, however, he can confidently say that the new flavour has shocked the public, and Micolin has definitely sparked curiosity in the people who have seen the ice cream.

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In conclusion, Micolin seemed not to be afraid of the negative comments, however, saying that he worked on creating the treat all winter because of a bet and debuted with no fear of the consequences. The “cricket flour ice cream,” as Micolin calls it, is served on a regular cone, but instead of other sprinkles, it is topped with dried crickets. It consists of cricket flour, vanilla extract, honey, and heavy cream. 

Cricket Flavoured A German Business Owner Creates a New Ice Cream Flavour

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