Crime Minister Calls Out Rvssian for ‘Styling’ Him as “Hype Man”, Rvssian Claps Back – Watch Videos and See Posts

Monday, January 15, 2024, 7:35 PM

Taking offence to Rvssian’s statements referring to him as a “hype man,” former Head Concussion Records affiliate Mr. Crime Minister aired out his grievances for the producer online. However, Rvssian quickly snapped back with a few allegations of his own.

During a recent interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, Rvssian spoke about his origins in dancehall and the early days of his record label, Head Concussion Records. Listing a few of his early associates who worked with him during the infancy of the label, Rvssian described Crime Minister, also known as Consie, as a “hype man,” as he never really did any producing.


Following the interview, Crime Minister took to social media on Monday, sharing a screenshot on his Instagram Stories of two unopened messages from Rvssian. Captioning the photo, Crime Minister questioned what Rvssian could want after he had demeaned him by referring to him as a hype man.

Crime Minister went on to air out his grievances for the producer in multiple videos shared on his Strories, stating that Rvssian had not helped him over the years. Noting that Rvssian does not usually do interviews, Crime Minister criticised him for choosing to use the moment to demean him.

He also criticised Rvssian for not recognising and paying him back for contributing to his current success.

“…Yuh get yuh how much millions dolla enuh dog and yuh wouldn’t even seh Consie see $100,000 yah fi di 14 years a yuh life weh yuh help mi become Rvssian,” Crime Minister stated.

Crime Minister further expressed that he had contributed so much to Rvssian’s development that he had suffered in the process. Now employed with Amazon, Crime Minister added that he should be living a more extravagant lifestyle because of his past.

Following Crime Minister’s statements online, Rvssian responded and labelled him entitled. According to Rvssian, he was forced to cut Crime Minister off ten years ago and has not spoken to him since.

Rvssian also alleged that Crime Minister tried to convince one of the artistes under his Rich Immigrants label, Kosa, to steal his Amex credit card. Rvssian went on to question what Crime Minister had done to feel entitled to his money.

“U was my manager? Or u made by beats? U can’t even make beats. I Made YOU a Beat and said go make money. You forgot? Go make one now then Mr producer. Anyway when you done. Make sure my Amazon package is delivered zeer,” Rvssian stated.

View the post below.

Following Rvssian’s response, Crime Minister further addressed the producer during a live stream.

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