Rvssian vs. Kyle Butler Feud Erupts Online Over Gatekeeping In Dancehall, “You can even build Riddim?”

Monday, January 15, 2024, 8:13 AM

Dancehall producer Rvssian denies that he is a gatekeeper and also dismissed the notion that gatekeepers have any real influence in this current day and age within dancehall music. However, his comments did not sit well with fellow producer Kyle Butler, who rubbishes his claims, which has led to a back-and-forth between the two online.

According to Rvssian, via an interview, the internet has destroyed the gatekeepers in dancehall music because of the advent of social media. Rvssian strengthened his argument by stating that for the last 30 dancehall artistes who got their big break in the industry, social media sites like TikTok and YouTube were instrumental to their success.


Kyle Butler commented on Rvssian’s notion in the posted video comments section on Instagram. “This is nonsense, you have managers, producers that invest heavily in the early stages of an artist development with nothing to gain in return, these are the unsung heroes that put these artistes on a platform to make “major” producers notice them… not Youtube and playing with the internet,” Kyle Butler stated.

Butler posted another lengthy comment accusing Rvssian of taking beats from composers and putting his tags on them. Butler also said Rvssian has ripped off many composers by taking all the credits and acting as if he made the beats. He also threatens to release a list of Rvssian ghost producers.

Rvssian responded quickly to Butler’s comment by questioning his credentials as a producer and trolling him for his football skills. “You ever produce a hit song? You can even build Riddim? You can’t even play football good, my point was internet buss new artist. anyway me nah go argue with no man who have but in him name,” Rvssian declared.

The Dutty Money producer also revealed that from long ago, he heard that Butler did not like him, and his comments seemingly proved it to be true.

Butler hit back once again at Rvssian, this time via X, by stating, “If unuh never know Tj Torry knocked over dutty money riddim and he is nowhere to be found in any YouTube description.”

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