Craig Butler and Kyle Butler Reunited

Nearly two years after an alleged physical confrontation and a contentious legal battle, Phoenix Academy CEO Craig Butler and his son Kyle have mended their relationship and are cooperating once more.

The CEO shared the news of his son being the latest addition to his coaching staff at Mona High for the upcoming Manning Cup season and expressed his happiness that they rekindled, which comes after the pair had a big argument in public last year.


According to the Jamaica Star, he said that his son would resume training to rekindle his dream of becoming a professional footballer while also pursuing a career in the business aspect of it. Butler stated, “He is still young and working to get back into football. At the same time, he is looking at the managerial and coaching aspects of it as well.”

Butler noted that his son, “has played at a professional, a very high level at Genk and other European clubs,” which makes him the only one who comprehends how to succeed as a professional footballer and maintain that career.

With the knowledge gained from his own experience, Kyle will be managing the players professionally alongside his father and Travis Blagrove, who his father said aspires to be a manager. Butler also pointed out that Kyle, who also aspires to become a music producer, will not be hindered from playing football by his musical career.

Butler also stated that his 24-year-old son could pursue both careers without “compromising his position” and that by supporting his son’s dreams in the entertainment industry, Kyle will continue to pursue his career as a professional footballer.

But Butler went on to say that his son faced a “whole lot of challenges,” adding that he had to rediscover his passion for the game, return to Europe, and continue to manage his music production company.

Meanwhile, for Butler, who wants to keep his company family-oriented, having his family back together is all that matters. Butler subsequently explained that he was very thankful that he and his son settled their differences and that he would be helping Kyle to surpass his own achievements.


“Family comes before everything and love conquer all,” he went on to say. He mentioned that the rekindled father-son relationship has been going strong for about three months.

He elaborated on the necessity of having “succession planning”, saying that his 15-year-old daughter Kaycie Butler is a manager at Mona and Phoenix, to ensure that as he continues to age, there is a succession in all aspects. This, Butler explained, ensures that Mona and Phoenix keep growing and allows new people to progress in football.

 In late 2020, Kyle and his father both claimed that they were assaulted by the other at a Phoenix football practice, and they both filed assault charges against the other. Ultimately, the judge suggested mediation. It was decided to settle the case out of court, and the assault case was dismissed.


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