“Bandage can’t hide these wounds” Kyle Butler Says His Father’s Response Is Full Of Lies

December 8, 2020

Kyle Butler has taken to his Twitter account once again, to express his feelings on what his father recently said about him, going through major issues and receiving the injuries from falling on a stick.

The former under 23 national players tweeted, “Expect a response that is full of lies and people coming out to defend him”.


Kyle later added that he has all the proof in his hands.

When the young man saw the news article containing the information his father gave, he reposted it on his social media account with laughing, crying emoji and the caption ” A stick…”.

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On November 30th Kyle made a series of posts, showing his badly cut hand, that he said he received from an attack by his father at a training session at Mona High School.

That was the final straw for the young footballer, who said he and his mother have been victims of mental and physical abuse for years at the hands of the Phoenix All-stars Ceo, Craig Butler.

Kyle recently made it known to the public that he was taking legal actions towards his father, and now is being represented by Queens Council Attorney, Tom Tavares Finson and 2 other lawyers.


When asked about the next step concerning the case, Kyle stated that it was now in the hands of the lawyers who know all the facts.

His mother also declared her full support for Kyle, even going further by describing her husband’s personality as being narcissistic.

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RELATED: Kyle Butler’s Mother Speaks Out On His Abuse from Father

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