Kyle Butler’s Mother Speaks Out On His Abuse from Father

December 3, 2020

Mother of former under 23 football star, Kyle Butler, has given words on the volatile situation, surrounding the abuse claims by her son.

In a recent Facebook post, Sophia Smith-Butler stated that she was not fully ready to speak on the matter, however, she mentioned that the days of slavery were finished.


This small statement, carried a lot of weight as it relates to the abusive claims as she declared her agreement, with everything her son said.

She spoke to the fact that the days when people owned others were over, further stating that people should be able to live without their dignity, and human rights, being violated.

Sophia made it clear that a narcissistic personality, can be very damaging to lives around them, and it just happens that there might never be a way for someone like that to understand the devastating effects of themselves on others as they tend to shy away from accepting when they are wrong.

Earlier the father of Kyle Butler, Craig Butler denied the claims of abuse posted on Twitter by his son. According to Craig who is also Kyle’s manager, his son has gotten himself intertwined in situations, that he knows about but, draws the line because of his professional life and principles.

Butler, also stated that the issues have affected him and his son’s relationship. The Pheonix all-stars CEO stated that he hopes, Kyle finds his way and gets to show how talented he is.

Kyle most recently made mention of his father slapping him with a machete after he invited some persons over, he also posted a photo of the bruise he allegedly got.


One person commented “This is why nobody should see anyone and red eye dem for them lifestyle. Cause behind close door is a different ball game.” while another asked “No wahhhhh iron dis print out” questioning the claims of the young man with regards to being struck by a machete.

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