Kyle Butler Speaks Up about Physical and Mental abuse From…

December 1, 2020

Former under 23 Football player, Kyle Butler, has expressed deep grief about the depression, mental and physical abuse he endured at the hands of a man who has been in his life throughout his growing years.

The Brother of current Reggae Boy Leon Bailey and son to Craig Butler has made several telling tweets over the past 24 hours while deleting a few of his initial ones on the matter.


The young man who is currently twenty-two earlier turned his back from football for a while. The midfielder recently returned to the sport, after taking a break and establishing himself as a producer.

He posted via his Twitter account that he is going to speak the truth, further stating that he has had enough of the abuse, and it’s about time that some form of understanding gets established.

One of his now deleted tweets read, “Today I got attacked and left on the road to bleed out. No more lies. I was attacked today at training, at Mona High School”

He also revealed some fresh wounds he got, due to an attack pounced upon him during training.

Kyle also stated that his mother was experiencing years of the same abuse too and in the past, he has been absent from school many times due to the consistency of abuse, he and his mom endured.

He stated that whenever he felt like not playing he would have been abused for it, explaining that this type of behaviour was taking place since he was 9 years old.


Kyle who has sunken in his depressed states, if anything happens to him they know who was the cause of it.

While showing off his most recent wounds, Kyle who is yet to mention his attacker’s name made mention of the attacker telling lies about a stone causing his hand injury which appears to to a stab wound.

See his Tweets below.




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