Crime Reduced as State of Emergency Continues

Friday, September 28, 2018, 12:00 PM

The Government of Jamaica decided that a public state of emergency was needed in St James when the crime in the parish was out of hand. The measures that the security forces implemented have been successful, crime has been reduced in the parish, but criminals had started causing mayhem in some sections of Kingston, and now the same measures that was used to reduce crime in St. James are being used there.

The police have asked the residence in the areas where the added security measures are in place, to carry a valid ID with them at all times and adhere to the rules they have implemented.


ID’s are presented at major check points and persons and vehicles are searched, so that the movement of guns and everything else that is illegal is curtailed.

There are complaints about young men being locked up for over 7 months even though they are not charged for breaking the law in any way. Business persons are not able to earn as they did before, when their businesses are closed too early.
However, many persons who live in these areas are glad for the added security measures as crime is reduced and they are able to have peace of mind.

Firearms are found sometimes when homes are searched, and persons are taken into custody when this happens. 3 guns and ammunition were, found during a search of a property in Kingston by the security forces since the operation started, and the security forces are trying to find more. 

Some residence would like to know how long it will last, but the security forces will decide on the time when they see results, they don’t want the criminals to know when they are leaving an area. They could wait for them to leave and return to their criminal ways as soon as the security forces leave.

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