Crime Trending Down in Jamaica

August 15, 2018

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has reported that there has been a decrease in the number of shootings, rapes and other crimes in the country. This reduction has been attributed to the change in the Governments policies. A State of Public Emergency and Zones of Special Operations were implemented in St. James and other areas where crime was high.

The report has stated that there has been a 15.4% reduction in shootings and rapes and a 16.8% decline in murders, compared to what they were during this same period of time last yea.


The Government has been criticized for not paying attention to the fact that crime in other areas in the country where the police are not as active, has increased; and the side effects of the State of Public Emergency is not good for the young men who are locked up and processed even when they haven’t broken the law.

The critics also said there was no plan to end the SOE and the ZOSO’s and the country cannot afford to keep these measures in place forever.

However, the Prime Minister Mr. Andrew Holness has said his plans were carefully made and they are now bearing fruit. The number of young people who are employed has increased as the youth have been trained to manage their own businesses and they have been employed by a HOPE program that was organized by the Government as well.


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