Criminals Sedating People and Burglarizing their Homes in St. Catherine

Saturday, November 28, 2020, 11:52 AM

A young woman by the name of Alexia Beckford took to social media in a live video recently to warn persons to be cautious in their homes, especially in the Christmas season as criminals are working harder than ever at this time.

According to Beckford, her house was broken into on the morning of November 21, and the criminals did something to put her family members to sleep.


She stated that her mother, father and grandmother were drugged in the process and over $300,000 worth of items were stolen, which including 3 Samsung phones, money and jewellery.

Alexia stated at the time, she was in her bedroom when she heard a noise that she thought was her father, and looked through the window but saw nothing.

She said she uttered a short prayer and pushed up her door.

According to Alexia, her father woke up about 2 am and said that there was a break-in.

Beckford said that the burglarers lifted the grille off the kitchen window, and entered the house that way.

She suggested that they might have used Chloroform, in the process to affect the process of sedation, which led to the family sleeping through the break-in.

After reporting the incident to the Police and the scene checked, there was no evidence of fingerprints, and the police said they would be continuing the investigation.

It was also discovered that similar break-ins took place in communities around the same time, however, according to Alexia, the Police are not taking any urgent action on the matter, as they have not created any bulletin or news report on the matter.

She stated that, when she reported the matter to the police, they even told her that they had 7 murders handling so they could not do anything at the time.

According to Alexia, there still has not been any progress where the constabulary unit investigations are concerned.

That is the reason why Beckford decided to do the video, as she did not feel secure, and thought that other people needed to be aware of what is going on. She said, since the incident, she has hardly slept.

She closed off her video by advising others to keep a basin of water in their houses, as that protects against the sedative effects of chloroform, which is usually used by criminals to put people to sleep while they carry out heinous crimes.

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